Is user interface of Cricmoney app’s game good? Read the latest report

Online games are exciting and productive. Students can virtually interact with other gamers and make new friends. The online gaming industry has dominated the market with its fun and exciting features. The best part about playing online games is your cash rewards after winning each game. You get a chance to win real cash along with Gold coins and Mobile phones. 

CricMoney is an exciting gaming app that provides a wide range of games. You can play any sport like basketball, kabaddi, and hockey on the CricMoney app. There is no limitation on the number of players that can play the contest. Each game has a unique method and technique to engage more participants. 


Crickmoney’s interface is intriguing and simple. Despite the limited user interface, it offers a smooth gaming experience and interaction throughout the game. The gameplay is entirely inspired by cricket; therefore, the games can only be viewed horizontally. 

All participants are given three options – sign-up, login, and play right now. To play, you have to choose five players who you think can play the best and five other players who you feel cannot play as well as the five. You will find a thumbs-up button next to the player’s name. Choose the players by pressing the thumbs-up button to enter the game. Though Crickmoney offers a variety of games, it allows you only to play cricket. By playing cricket, you can earn cash and incentives. 

You get to win cash rewards by referring your friends to the CricMoney app. A code is generated by Crickmoney, which you can share with your friends and invite them to play with you and win cash rewards. Apart from referral rewards, each user is offered a sign-up bonus. You get incentives after you sign-up. 


GetMega has a clean and intuitive interface. You can play games both horizontally and vertically. To play Carrom, Warship, and Poker, you have to rotate the screen vertically. GoPool and Rummy are played horizontally. 

Each gaming element is perfectly designed to ensure maximum interaction. Since the interface is simple, you can concentrate on the game without inconvenience. The gameplay of GetMega games is created to provide fun and entertainment to every player. The whole structure of the game is optimally displayed, and the use of rich colours has made each element easily recognizable.

On the GetMega app, you can play card games and casual games. The app consists of Rummy, Poker, Warship, GoPool, ABC Rummy, and many more. The maximum number of players required for each game is different. You can make your own team and participate in contests to win real cash rewards. 

You can join the referral program of GetMega. You can win up to Rs. 10 on each referral by inviting your friends and family. You will have to make sure that each referral is in your contact book, and after signing up, the referral plays a game in video chat mode. Once the referral fulfils the criteria, you will win a cash bonus. GetMega also offers a sign-up bonus of Rs. 5, which you can use to play games on the app. 

It is also the only gaming app to provide an Audio-Video gaming feature. You can interact with your friends and family through superb video and audio quality. 

GetMega and CricMoney are interactive gaming apps that provide fantastic gaming features. You get an opportunity to earn cash rewards while you play. You also get to improve your gaming skills and methods. To experience modern virtual gaming, download these apps today. 

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